Intuitive Energy Painting e-Course

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Intuitive Energy Painting e-Course


Naked But Not Afraid - Intuitive Energy Painting e-Course

Starting with beautiful colours and mark making on canvas.
You'll uncover your inner artist even if you have never painted before! We'll Infuse the canvas with energy, and intent making your painting a very touching personal experience. Gain insights and open up and allow self to receive messages from within each layer.

Its 60% fun
20% learning
20% therapy!

Self paced with unlimited access

This course is for those who want to play and create. 
Its for those who fear the blank canvas and feel they can't draw a straight line. Well I am letting you know you dont have too!
If you haven't done anything creative since your school days and feel you wish to explore and create your own original artwork, this is for you. You will discover and create something from a memory or to inspire you.


In this course you'll be able to free up your creativity and play!

At the end of the course you will have happily completed 2 paintings or more!. And you can go back anytime and do it again. It's  a self paced lifetime access course with all upgrades

  1. Completed your own Intuitive energy painting original

  2. Had fun and produced a quirky village painting from the bonus online class.

  3. you'll understand a lot more about colour and how it works with the colour-the bare essentials bonus

There is a wonderful FB community for all Intuitive Energy Painting E-Course students.
Regular fortnightly face to face zoom calls where you can connect with myself and others, share your screen for feedback from me, and connect to others in the course


Cost: $177 and includes two bonuses

Bonus 1. Quirky Village in easy steps
Bonus 2. Colour - The Bare Essentials

You can sign up for a 2 x payment plan option through Paypal Here

You'll receive a confirmation email when your payment is received and one with the access code within 24hrs.


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After enrolling, you will receive 2 x emails a payment confirmation and an email with a private access code. 

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After enrolling, you will receive 2 x emails a payment confirmation, and an email with a private access code to the course. 

Sorry no refunds. Happy to answer any questions you have and support you along the way.


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