let go

Let go and let your creativity shine.

Its not easy to let go when we paint. The fear of being wrong or criticized holds us back. Pleasing people is another big one. I saw a adult who came to pick up her child after a class a few months ago and I saw how her energy changed as she wanted to please the adult and stopped her creative flow.

We get stuck in thinking that we have to be perfect and your art has to be perfect.

But its only a canvas or a piece of paper! These can be painted over. If you dont like what you created what is it saying about you. Sometimes it just doesn't sit right with us and we cant quite work out what it is. Sometimes its adding another layer.

What if it was just a processes of self discovery? What if we liked just playing with colours? The left brain does a lot of the analytical stuff and our self criticism comes out. Sometimes we have to switch that side off, keep going and push through. I see the flow happen after a while clients faces light up and its like the child has come out to play.

I know it in my own painting practice. My partner and I decided we were going to paint at home. He was outside with oil paints and it was a bit cold, so I decided to paint inside. Well I thought what were we doing we should be together painting and enjoying each other company. I saw my thoughts take hold and so the painting was a bit stiff it didn't quite flow and the colours not right. Once I gave up the need for anything to be right and with the help of music it flowed very easily.

I ended up selling that painting very quickly by showing someone.

Sometimes a quick scribble is what we need to get out manic thought out before we start! So scribble away first on paper, get out those frustration of the day and go for it!

You never know the scribble might be a possible next painting idea!