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Painting marathon

Our painting marathon was the next layer in our creatively fit coaching with Whitney Freya we had a painting marathon. 10 paintings on the one canvas! This was a great exercise in the elements of design -CONTRAST . UNITY . BALANCE . PROPORTION . HARMONY . REPETITION . RHYTHM . EMPHASIS – Our life design

I think she looks like me!!

I think she looks like me!!

These elements help to enhance your painting practice and gain awareness and greater insights into your life. Painting this way is a great self awareness tool and practicing the art of detachment. I can say that every painting I did on the canvas brought back a memory, thoughts, self realization and of course inspiration.



Some were easy and some frustrating, but working through them brought me out of the other end brimming with ideas and energy.

The first painting was an inner child painting. Like we did when we were little. Connected to the child that needs to play!

Contrast: The sunflower – Opposite colours, black/white – dark and light next to each other bring contrast onto the painting. What is your contrast at the moment?

Unity- I painted with continuous circles and similar colours on my canvas, and connected with a fellow coach in Malaysia over skype, it was good to paint together this way and support each other. That was unity in its self.

' Yes fly' she says

'Yes fly' she says

Balance – this was an interesting exercise were we used torn paper on the canvas. I found a newspaper page cutting about an emu that couldn’t fly (keeping the Aussie theme).  With some insights I realise that is where I feel I am at present- clipped wings. So I took off the ‘emu’ and put ‘yes’ over what looked like a plane or a bird. So I left ‘yes’ & ‘fly’. This brought up a memory from long ago about an emu eating our lunch in a park! 

Proportion: what so you want from the middle out? What steps can you take - one step at a time.

Proportion: what so you want from the middle out? What steps can you take - one step at a time.

Proportion I found this fun and the easiest to do. Proportions around the nautilus shell in steps/proportions of your life to the steps to make to your dreams come true.

I started in the middle from the heart, to the outside. Then all the dots related to the people coming to the studio.

By this time I had a few ideas coming through the idea about ’createvision’ workshops with all the steps and ideas that came with it. I was excited, manifestation has always been a fascination for me and sometimes easy. I would like to help others create what they desire through the art process, with visualization, anchors, colour and creating a painting to anchor those feelings.

 Harmony: This was my spiral with inks and pastels. A fun one with lots of energy.

Community canvas. painted and created by clients, family, friends and myself. Aug 2015

Community canvas. painted and created by clients, family, friends and myself. Aug 2015

 Repetition: This as a fun process to faint with my fingers. I love painting with my hands. I probably create the best paintings that way. This one was full of colours and dots.

Channeled painting

Channeled painting

Rhythm: I painted a heart over the finger painting dots creating rhythm

 Emphasis: At this time I was painting the community canvas. Creating with all the lovely marks that all visiting clients, artists and friends had made on a big canvas at the opening night of the studio and in various classes. It is still up in the studio- Come and have a look.

 The 10th painting was to help had the most meaning to me and was for my for creating abundance. He wanted me to paint an eagle flying which represented freedom. The energy that I felt when painting this was quite profound and uplifting in so many ways.  So much appreciation and loving feelings came through. It took my breath away.

I have always had that intuitive and spiritual connection. I would like to do this for others through the art process.



Naked canvas is a painting and creative expression studio in Perth. Our lovely light & bright studio is ideal for the creative arts and exhibitions. At Naked canvas we hold regular classes and workshops throughout the week.

Naked Canvas is a great social painting group for all levels of experience. A group for people who like to paint and create for pleasure and self expression.
We have fun using various mediums on canvas or paper to create your own unique piece of art letting your inner artist come out. I encourage a free style approach which requires no experience. A chance to 'let go' and let the inner child play with colour and texture, a chance to bring out your inner artist.

Beginners I provide a safe environment for you to explore, play & create under my guidance and support.


'Creatively fit' coaching

I started training to be creatively fit coach in May with Whitney Freya.

Creatively fit is a program to help others access their right brain creative mind and balance it with the logical left brain.

To bring out the inner artist we need to access and strengthen the right brain and quieten the left brain inner critic. Which is not that easy sometimes with our fast paced lives. Look at your life as a blank canvas (Naked canvas) and what you want to create in your life right now?

Through a series of creative exercises with awareness brings us back to the artist within.

 Having started the Creatively fit coaching program in May, I have become aware of when my customers in my art group are in their 'right brain'. I can see it just flows, they are happy. I now want to know (this is where my coaching training will come in), how do I take them there again and keep them there in that space? What did I say to take them there?

I had one client who just seemed to let go after the initial start and when she did she stopped giving herself a hard time. She had not painted before that day except for old school days. Which were terrible for most people. Anyway she acknowledged that it was like playing the piano, she said "when you try to hard you stuff up and when you let it flow it just flows like learning to play the piano.

In my first layer of my training my ego says ‘I have done all this before’But in the exercises my right brain side of me played.

Fill a page with colur

Fill a page with colur

In our first lesson was to cover a page with colour. I coloured a page and I picked a glowing pink. Unusual for me. It made me feel nurtured and I even had a little lie down after and snuggled up as it was a cold day. So I suppose the pink made me take care of me.

Then we looked at  These shapes are the Five Universal Symbol

What words came to mind for these symbols for me.    

Circle- What goes around comes around - change

Square - Package, box, contained

Plus sign -   Spiritual sign, safe

Spiral - Freedom and creativity, fun -

Triangle – triangle relationship, 3 sides to every story

List the following shapes in order from your most favorite shape to your least favorite:  Plus sign, Square, Triangle, Circle, and Spiral.

 In order for me….1st Spiral,   2nd circle,   3rd triangle 4th square 5th plus sign 

Found In All Art And How To Use Them writes that these shapes symbolize:

Circle      Square            Triangle              Plus Sign       Spiral

Unity              Foundation              Goal Oriented                   Relationships          go with the flow

                    Earth Energy                  Reaching the                  East v. West  
                    Grounding                             top                              Night v. Day     

The universal survey:  Whichever symbol you listed first, your favorite, symbolizes what is YOUR GOAL RIGHT NOW.  Your second favorite symbolizes YOUR HIDDEN STRENGTH.  

Your third favorite symbolizes WHAT YOU WANT YOUR GOAL TO BE.  Your fourth favorite symbolizes what YOU ARE CONSCIOUSLY IGNORING.  Your least favorite symbolizes what YOU ARE UNCONSCIOUSLY IGNORING. 
So looking at my words to each symbol. I feel my freedom is very important. 
All the other meaning make sense to me. My square is the 4th so yes I need more grounding.  But last is my spirituality and I relationship to it. ! I have let things lapse of late.


In this video we watched  Dr. Jill Bolte-Taylor and how after a stroke she experienced the right side to the brain. Its very moving and worth watching. Takes 20 mins 

I had great fun with another exercise of doing a torn paper face
My torn paper face. it was fun. I remember going through the book earlier in the year, and avoiding it!
But today I was on the computer too much doing some research, I made myself stop and do it.
I had fun looking through the magazines and saw two faces I liked. One is like a drawing a child did and a boy with paint on his hands YES! anyway while I was doing it I realized that as a child I wasn’t really encouraged to be creative.
I suppose it shows my love for creative freedom in the bird, my English upbringing with the cuppa tea. But I made my self different with flower earrings.  ( I am a trained florist) The butterfly – a transition right now, with new beginnings  for me. The boy reminds me of my children all boys and how I would have loved to get paint on my hands like that.
The love of underwater, painting and flowers come up. Looking at the light reflects my spirituality.
It was an interesting one to do, and definitely got me into my right brained frame of mind.

In one of our exercises we did a scribble drawing. with whatever is around markers or pastels etc.

                      Torn paper face

                      Torn paper face


This is one of my first scribble drawings. This one  seems to be a celebration as a cocktail glass with olive in it. Also was what looks like me in the blue, looking at it all. She looks pregnant tho!!  But maybe its about new beginnings and birthing something new, as I am taking on a premises for my art business soon.Then I see an eagle over the top. - I have to be careful I don’t sabotage my success.

We will start with one of these in my classes before we paint as it sometimes brings clarity from your unconscious. A  good right brain exercise to work with.

                                                                        Scribble drawing

                                                                        Scribble drawing

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