Pastel painitng

Create anywhere!

Its so cold today and I have a pastel I need to create for a baby shower present by Saturday. No pressure or anything!

I love to be creative and I love to show people how to be creative and to express yourself freely. I believe you can be creative anywhere. You need to make it a priority. Find a corner in the house for you. Every women needs her own room sometimes too!

I have the studio in Inglewood. But today its heavy weather and I  dont feel like going out. I am going to use the kitchen bench as it has the best light.

Find yourself your own space to create. Put a plastic cloth on the floor. Put up an easel or a tabletop easel. Have your paints etc in a trolley or a handy bag with compartments. Also like me air con or heater on!

Let me know how you go in your own space. Go for it!