Just for fun

splatter paint your jeans!


I have always liked to have a job where I could wear overalls! Also of course working with my hands.

So I am going to splatter paint my jeans! I have wanted to do it for a while. It was 'in' when I was a teen (Yes that old!) and now back in. 

So I created an affordable class so we can have fun and do it together. Its a fun way of letting go and going with the flow. Enjoy creating a design or just go for it!

Create anywhere!

Its so cold today and I have a pastel I need to create for a baby shower present by Saturday. No pressure or anything!

I love to be creative and I love to show people how to be creative and to express yourself freely. I believe you can be creative anywhere. You need to make it a priority. Find a corner in the house for you. Every women needs her own room sometimes too!

I have the studio in Inglewood. But today its heavy weather and I  dont feel like going out. I am going to use the kitchen bench as it has the best light.

Find yourself your own space to create. Put a plastic cloth on the floor. Put up an easel or a tabletop easel. Have your paints etc in a trolley or a handy bag with compartments. Also like me air con or heater on!

Let me know how you go in your own space. Go for it!



New techniques

I have been having fun lately with some new techniques and layering. Using texture and stencils and lots of different mediums in the process.

I love the inktense blocks by Dewent which are like water colour paints but they produce beautiful bright colours. They work like watercolours and can be applied wet on wet.

Started like this!

Can you see the woman on the top right? Looks like she is holding a baby. 

Just like the body your creativity can reveal a lot about you. I needed nurturing at the time. Too much in my head lately! That what art does for me. its a bit like colouring in I suppose, it takes you into the here and now.


'The florist' mixed media on water colour paper. A2 size    

'The florist' mixed media on water colour paper. A2 size





Ended up like this! Lots of layers. I brought out 'The florist' and her delivery of flowers. took out the negative aspect.

Might need a a few tweeks! The camera reveals a lot of things to correct re the elements of design. But it just goes to show you how you can bring out what is there on the canvas or paper. And what is your art trying to tell you?


Thank goodness spring is here

Spring is here and and dare I say the footie will be over soon yeah!

I am off down south for a weekend to visit my fellow artist and creative  coach Tanya Cole in Dunsborugh.

Even though we haven't met each other yet, we seem to have a whole lot in common and will have lots to talk about. Lots of painting and chatting + wine,  especially while the grand final is on!

Hopefully come back with a whole lot of inspiration from each other.


  9th Oct

I had a great time at Tanya's. We painted ate lots of chocolate and chatted into the early hours of the morning!