Create your own well being.

Create Your Own Well being  through art.

I Have found myself that if am am feeling worried or down that painting lifts the spirits and calms me. When you paint or create you come back to the 'present', you go with the flow of life and you leave your troubles behind. Or you paint them out and move forward. 

There is increasing evidence that participation in creative activities directly improves the health and well being of people and communities (Arts & Health Foundation).

It is known that arts and creativity:

*Builds personal and cultural identity
*Builds mental health competence – Outlet for expressing feelings & emotions; increases focus and concentration
*Relieves stress by relaxing the mind and body
*Builds confidence and self esteem
*Improves physical activity and manual dexterity
*Facilitates social inclusion and connection.
*Builds social and peer support networks
*Promotes spirituality and spiritual connection.
*Promotes cultural diversity and exchange
*Builds stronger and more resilient people and communities
Create the space for art and creativity in your life - join us today.