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About Kathryn

Artist, Facilitator & Creative Coach

I believe anyone can paint! 

I love to help people free up your creativity and bring out your best whether you're a beginner or a more experienced artist. I'll support and encourage you every step of the way. 

When I was a little girl I used to get lost in colour and drawing. 
I would get totally absorbed and I loved it.
I was told I had other things to do, but the creativity was always inside me!
At age 16 I started making rag dolls & clowns. I loved making them all different, finding different materials and sewed unusual embroidered faces etc.
I started selling them and would get a buzz if I saw a little girl with one of my dolls.
I never really got encouragement from my Mother. I used to stay up late finishing them of for a customer. In hindsight she was just concerned for me.
I got married early and still would be creative in small ways.
I still loved to sketch and make things although after I had my first son I stopped for a few years.
It was only in my later years and after marriage breakup that I took up my creativity regularly again.
Starting with fabric painting in a group that ended up meeting every Monday.
It was my therapy.
From there I studied at Tafe collage in art design and floristry.
Being a florist taught me a lot about colour and design.
As I get into my 'later' years people liked to be creative around me, so I formed a Meetup group. Creativity is in my energy and people feel that, now I know it's my purpose.
I am always pushing the boundaries when people say 'you can't do things that way' and I say 'why not'. I love creating intuitive art from within and going with the flow.

I still battle with not being good enough and sometimes think I am wasting my time.
But the feeling of joy I get from painting and being creative in many ways far outweigh the negative.
I just need to allow myself to be creative with whoever I am with. Not to worry about what people think and get lost in it all again for the pure joy of it! 

I believe anyone can create a piece of art its inside all of us. You dont have to be a artist to paint from your heart.
— Kathryn


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Hi Kathryn, it was lovely meeting you and all the ladies yesterday. I had the most wonderful time in such a warm and supportive environment. Thank you.
— Nov 2014
Pet portraits hand painted in soft pastels.

Pet portraits hand painted in soft pastels.

Testimonial- ‘Kathryn really captured my dogs personality in this drawing, Jess has such a lovely nature. I will forever treasure this portrait of her’ - Michelle