My healing journey through art

Three weeks ago my relationship ended. I am hurting so much and grieving badly. Some days I am ok and some a complete mess. 

There are some things I recognise in myself. I have been here before. He says it should be easy for me as I have done it before - who says that!! Who says I dont love you anymore without emotion and heart.

We were in a defacto relationship. I could see that there could be problems. We are both at fault. There are some things I regret, dont get me wrong there wasn't anyone else between us. I was with someone who cant show his emotion or talk to me. Even a 'how was your day' was hard.
Why didn't I see that in the beginning and before I moved in with him. My heart hurts as I wanted it to work. He didn't want to get any help.


This is my healing journey it's not about him, it's about me. I want to paint out my emotion onto one canvas a layer at a time to heal and move on. Let my child be free to express this hurt. As I did this I could see underneath 'let go' and I know I have to. Its easier when I am in my own place
As I painted this I got 'how could he not love me?' How could he not love me? My inner child is calling.

If you have had hurts to deal with join me on this healing journey with through art and painting.